The right to an appropriate diet and quality food

To receive food everyday is the right of all children

Because every child has the right to eat his fill, Terre des Hommes is committed to food sovereignty and the right to healthy and sustainable food. An appropriate diet and sufficient quantities of quality food are essential for a child’s development. For how could we defend children’s right, especially the right to education, if they are not granted the possibility to fill their stomach? 

What we do specifically

  • We train farming communities and support them technically to improve their agricultural production.

  • We advocate for environment-friendly domestic food crops.

  • We help small producers access micro-financing to buy seeds and equipment

  • We value local products and support their retailing. 

  • We raise awareness among children and the youth and teach them sustainable techniques. 

  • We support villagers in the defense of their rights

  • We bring food aid to our partners’ care institutions (schools, day cares, boarding schools).