Support for Tribal Populations

Odisha / India


In India, Terre des Hommes Switzerland continues its support to 16 villages inhabited mainly by tribal peoples of the State of Orissa. This work promotes respect for the rights of children, in particular education and health. Partnership with the Center for Action Research and Documentation(CARD) aims to improve and diversify the agricultural production of families. Construction of rainwater harvesting structures and practice of simple, environmentally-friendly farming techniques enable families to consolidate and diversify their land-based sources of income. In addition, women are encouraged to form micro-savings and micro-credit groups to engage in small income-generating activities .


The action of Terre des Hommes Switzerland

In 2010, CARD used its strong mobilization capacity to put pressure on the authorities. The organization participated in a series of actions against induced abortions of female fetuses. India is experiencing a significant gender imbalance that further prejudices women and girls.